Why Should You Keep Hiring In This Market?

29 April 2020 Jacqui Barnes


Hiring is expensive, time consuming and often addressing a pain point in your business. You might be questioning if you can afford to hire at this time, but can you afford not to?

Our industry has portrayed that it has come to a grinding halt. But has it? Or has it just changed the way we operate?

There is no doubt that some agencies have been unable to shift and adapt quickly to the new way of work and are now down on manpower and are scrambling. However, there are also agencies who are absolutely on top of their game and are still listing and selling in large volumes. Now is the time for the skilled agent to emerge.

Whilst there is a need to be cautious with cashflow going forward, we have scrambled to adopt our teams to this new way and have cut down to skeleton staff to minimise the impact to this cashflow.

But this works in reverse too. Will we be ready to head back to the office as demand on our industry increases? Will you have the RIGHT team in place to service your clients as things return to a pre pandemic state?

It has been interesting to see the sheer volume of high calibre candidates that have become available at this time. Yes, some are a result of the pandemic cost cutting such as reception staff and sales associates but the bulk of our candidates have become available due to having the time to examine their careers and where they wish to go.

During this crisis, you have the time to properly prepare each role, hire and induction process that you perhaps would have fumbled through previously. Can you afford to not have the right, properly trained and inducted team in place when this is all over?