Why Businesses should use a recruiter?

14 November 2018 Virginia Brookes

Perfect Recruitment

In a tightening market I think it’s imperative now to align yourself with a recruiter who understands your business and understands your business objectives.

‌Why should you as an active business owner handle your own recruitment when you could be carrying out dollar productive tasks to increase your offices productivity and profitability.

‌A recruiter that knows your brand will be able to go out to market and source Candidates that are aligned to your business and your business values. At Resolver we take the time to carry out full interviews, necessary testing and full references, this is a timely process that will take significant chunks of time out of your already busy day.

‌Also, you don’t work on listings that are given to you and 3 other agents at the same time so don’t do this to your recruiters – all you will end up with is a CV race and this is not going to source you the right candidate.

‌Take the time to build a relationship with your recruiter, they will always be looking out in your best interests to help you grow your team with the right people. If you want to talk more don’t hesitate to get in touch today.